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ESG challenges for the real estate sector and our answers to them

The future of your properties is full of challenges. How will you manage to adapt your buildings to legal requirements and operate them efficiently and economically? amanteia is a new software solution that guides you towards a successful – and climate-neutral – future. With simulation based on facts, data and numbers, amanteia identifies which measures can achieve your goals most effectively, which investments can provide the greatest CO2 savings and how you can prevent assets from becoming stranded.

amanteia – the game changer


The majority of properties
are at risk of becoming stranded assets

The challenge

"We have 50 buildings and no consolidated data. But I have to act now to prevent my portfolio from losing value."


Don't worry.

amanteia categorises buildings with just a few data entries so that you can quickly get planning.

You can add measurement or billing data to estimated data at any time.

The framework conditions

"We have legal and corporate decarbonisation targets. I need to know where I stand with each building and the entire portfolio."


We're there for you.

amanteia knows the national regulatory targets and you can enter your corporate ones.

amanteia displays them along with the scenario-based decarbonisation pathway for every building, cluster and/or portfolio.

Different ways to get there

"There are so many possibilities for reducing emissions and energy costs. I need to find a way to plan this efficiently and flexibly for my portfolio."


We can help.

amanteia uses action templates that we provide to you. These allow you to address the envelope, plant technology, photovoltaics and smart technologies.

The templates indicate the expected costs and savings, and can be customised.

I have to plan flexibly

"There are many constraints regarding time, budget and the condition of the building that I have to take into account during planning.

This makes the planning process very complex for me."


We make it simple.

amanteia knows the serviceable life of the relevant components in your buildings and knows which options (such as district heating or photovoltaics) are possible.

You can also set preferences and budgets for the entire portfolio.

Which way is the right one?

"With all the buildings, actions, constraints and preferences, how do I find the best plan for implementation?"


Here's what we can do.

Based on your preferences and the building and portfolio data, amanteia automatically finds the best plan to meet your budget and decarbonisation targets.

You can calculate and compare multiple plans with different preferences.

Life doesn't always go to plan

"The framework conditions can change at any time after the plan has been created. What do I do then?"


We adapt.

You can flexibly adapt the generated implementation plans to your changed preferences (decarbonisation target, time, costs etc.).

amanteia updates the emissions and the decarbonisation pathway and always shows you the effects of changes to your plan.



Rapid coverage


Optimised planning






We would be happy to take care of your individual energy efficiency requirements.